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Blazer Uniform

The FILI Blazer Uniform is the primary uniform for all members to posess and wear at Company meetings and events where the FILI is present.  The uniform consists of black low quarter oxfords, black socks, gray trousers, white shirt, Modern Gordon tartan neck tie, blue blazer with FILI embroidered badge on left pocket, and Glengarry bonnet (red/white/black dicing and red toorie) with a hackle and FILI cap badge backed with Cameron of Erracht tartan.

This uniform is worn by members to FILI meetings and other events recognized by the Commander, FILI.

Membership pins of other organizations may be worn on the left lapel of the blazer.  It is encouraged they be limited in number, representing legitimate groups or organizations, and not be commercial advertisements.

All appropriate medals and devices issued by or to the FILI are authorized for wear with the blazer.

Uniform items are commercially available except for the blazer badge and the glengarry badge/cameron tartan which are only available through the FILI.  Contact the Quartermaster regarding sources for uniforms items.

Front View

Side View

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