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Organizational Structure



The F.I.L.I. Company is currently a Historic Military Command responsible for perpetuating the ancient customs of the militia. In the furtherance of perpetuating these customs, the F.I.L.I. strictly adheres to the authorized rank structure established by historic practices and the state legislative acts.


  • When the F.I.L.I. was organized on 23 August 1793, the structure of the unit consisted of one Captain, one Lieutenant, one Ensign, four Sergeants, three Corporals, one Drummer, one Fifer and not less than fifty Privates; all of whom shall reside in the town.

  • In accordance with the ancient customs of the militia the Commissioned Officers were elected, and the Non-Commissioned Officers, Drummer and Fifer were appointed by the Commander.

  • By the early19th century the Commissioned Officer staff consisted of one Captain, three Lieutenants, and one Ensign.

  • An act of the State Legislative Session of 1819 states; “Resolved, that the Governor be and is hereby authorized and empowered to commission the officers of the Independent Company of Fayetteville with the following ranks, viz.: The Captain with the rank of Major, the Lieutenants and Ensign, with the rank of Captain…”

  • The only exception to the Legislative Act of 1819 was that during periods of active Federal service the Commissioned Officers consisted of one Captain and three Lieutenants.

  • In order to be eligible for election to Commissioned Officer a member must have a minimum of five years honorable service, and must have served as an F.I.L.I. Non-Commissioned Officer.

  • Commissions are issued by the State of North Carolina, and the NCO Warrants are issued by the F.I.L.I. Commanding Officer. 

  • In accordance with the ancient customs of the militia, all Commissioned Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers who are no longer occupying their positions return to the ranks as a Guardsman.

  • In accordance with the State Legislative Act there will be no more than five active Commissioned Officers on the rolls of the F.I.L.I. Company.




Bruce J. Daws,

Commanding Officer
1st Captain
Craig M. Harmon
Curator Officer
2nd Captain
Link C. Campbell
Color Officer
Schowalter, Edward.jpg
3rd Captain
Edward (Ned) R Schowalter III Adjutant 
Moose, Mike.jpg
4th Captain
Mike Moose

Quartermaster Officer

Non Commissioned Officers are under the supervision of The First Sergeant
Rosser, Kelly.jpg
1st Sergeant
Kelly D. Rosser

​Nick Lamia (Historian)

Robert S. "Bob" Tiffany III

Bruce Tyson

John Hemrick

Robert Kennedy

Fred LaChance

Karl Whitby

Brian Schulken


Pete Reneo

Neill McInnis III

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