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The 1793 Charter Member Muster Roll


Captain Robert Adam, Commanding

Lieutenant John Winslow

Ensign Robert Cochran



Isham Blake

Andrew Broadfoot

John Eccles

A. Ferguson

Sam Goodwin

Jacob Hartman

Dillon Jordan

John Lumsden

Thomas Matthews

Kennith Murchison

Hugn McDonald

Jas. McIntyre

Wm. McL. McKay

Hugh McLean

Jno. McLeod

John McMillan

A. McQueen

Silver Selan Selbane

George Thompson

John Thompson

Fiftieth Anniversary Muster Roll

August 23, 1843


 Officers and Non Commissioned Officers

 Major John H. Cook, Commaning

First Captain Archibald McLean

Second Captain A. A. McKethan

Third Captain A. M. Campbell

Fourth Captain James Sundy

First Sergeant W. T. Natt

Second Sergeant W. McL. MacKay

Third Sergeant C. A. McMillan

Fourth Sergeant W. E. Kirkpatarick

Fifth Sergeant Walter Draughon

First Corporal Wm. Huske

Second Corporal Archibald McDonald

Third Corporal J. A. McLauchlin



 A. Alden

C. Anderson

Chas. Bebee

W. K. Blake

N. Branson

J. Butler

J. M. Beasley

J. D. Cameron

R. S. Cain

E. J. Clark

Samuel Decker

W. T. Firzell

J. S. Grant

J. C. Haigh

W. A. Huske

C. Hargreove

C. R. Jones

Datus Jones

W. S. Jessup

J. Kirpatrick

N. King

A. F. Mallett

W. G. Matthews

T. Mitchell

T. R. Murphy

D. McLaurin

N. McDuffie

M. McDuffie

M. McIntyre

S. McGary

H. McMillan

J. D. McCallum

J. K. McGuire

G. C. Newby

H. Nunnery

C. D. Nixon

E. J. Russell

J. S. Raboteau

T. Rhodes

A. G. Simpson

S. G. Smith

J. P. Smith

A. G. Stacy

J. M. Stedman

J. Vann

J. K. Warden

F. T. Ward

J. M. Williams

A. J. Woodward

The War Between the States Muster Roll

On April 17th, 1861 the Grand Olde Company was mustered into State Service and on April 22, 1861, seized the US Arsenal in Fayetteville in the name of the Confederate States of America. On June 10, 1861, the FILI had the honor to serve as Company H. of the 1st NC Regiment that secured a victory in the first land engagement in the War at Big Bethel, VA. This is a roster of that company.


Officers and Non Commissioned Officers

Major Wright Huske, Commaning

Captain Benjamin R. Huske

Captain Charles B. Cook

Captain Hector McKethan

Captain William P. Wemyss

Sergeant Charles Kennedy

Sergeant William T. Battley

Sergeant John H. Robinson

Sergeant W. D. James

Corporal John H. Anderson

Corporal Dugald Murphy

Corporal Henry S. Frizell

Corporal James C. McRae



 Alexander Arnett

William Atkinson

W. R. Barringer

William Bernard

John Blake

William Boon

Gustavus Buhmann

Henry Byrd

Thomas Campbell

William Campbell

Samuel Carmon

William Clark

Isaac Clark

John Davis

John Dobbin

David Evans

James Gainey

George Gee

Daniel Graham

Charles Haigh

George Haigh

Edward Hale, Jr.

Peter Hale

Jeptha Hall

Rodolph Heide

H. R. Horne

Henry Horne

James Huske

John Huske

Henry Huske

James Jones

Robert James

Joseph Jones

James Jones

William Jones

James Kendrick

Jesse Kyle

William Kyle

Haywood Lumsden

Jarvis Lutterloh

John Matthews

Hugh McDonald

John McKay

William McKethan

Archibald McLauchlin

J. A. McLean

J. P. McLean

Thomas McLean

Alexander McNeill

James NcNeill

Neill McNeill

Evander McPhail

Neill McRae

James Nance

Eben Norton

Oliver Pearce

James Phillips

Edward Powers

Alexander Ray

David Ray

King Rhodes

Charles Robinson

Archibald Russell

Benjamin Russell

Stephen Russell

Robert Sandford

David Scott

Bond Sedberry

Henry Sedberry

Walter Sherwood

Farquard Smith

Henry E. Smith

Henry H. Smith

John Smith

Joseph Smith

Walter Smith

William Stanton

Charles Stedman

French Strange

John Sundy

Enoch Sykes

Emanuel Thompson

George Thompson

John Thompson

William Waterbury

William Widdefield

Edmund Williams

Marshall Williams

Isaac Williamson

Nathan Williamson

Williamson Whitehead

William Woodward

Albert Worth

The 1876 Centennial Legion of Historic Commands Muster Roll

July 4, 1876


Officers and Non Commissioned Officers

 Major Charles Haigh, Commanding

Captain A. A. McKethan

Captain A. H. Worth

Captain J. B. Smith

Captain L. B. Davis

Quartermaster W. C. Troy

Physician Dr. J.W. McNeill

Sergeant W. Widdefield

Sergeant J. C. Vann

Sergeant R. R. Lutterloh

Sergeant Archie McLauchlin

Sergeant T. W. Broadfoot

Corporal S. G. Worth

Corporal L. A. McLaughin

Corporal O. R. Robinson

Corporal William L. Hawley

Drummer Ed. McDuffie



 Fred A. Aderman

James A. Banks

Walter Carney

R. Devane

R. L. Daingerfeild

L. C. Erambert

John S. Gibson

Alexander Graham

G. H. Hall

John C. Haigh, Jr.

R. G. Haigh

John Hancock

R. S. Huske

Joseph Ivey

Herbert Lutterloh

Charles McLauchlin

T. M. McLauchlin

W. McPherson

J. D. MacRae

I. G. MacRae

R. McMillan

F. D. Olds

Frank Parker

D. S. Maultsby

T. H. Maultsby

N. M. Monroe

James Kyle, Jr.

W. A. Robinson

T. H. Sutton

J. C. Troy
John K. Whitted

J. D. Williams, Jr

J. T. Williams

R. S. Williams

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